6 Sangeet ceremony ideas for an eventful night

6 Sangeet Ceremony Ideas For An Eventful Night

While marriage is the most important event in one’s life, Sangeet makes it even more special. Sangeet ceremony is arranged just before the day of wedding. Sangeet ceremony is for the bride and groom to enjoy before they start their new life with new challenges and new responsibilities. Since the life ahead is not going to be smooth as earlier, the bride and groom must enjoy it to the fullest. Evidently, everyone wants the Sangeet ceremony to be grand. Here are 6 ideas that would help you make your special evening eventful.

  1. Surprise flash mob: Flash mob is the most delightful thing one can do for making someone happy. Flash mob is about recalling the good times of one’s life. In an occasion as pious and pure as marriage, who does not want to recall all the good times.
  2. Award ceremony: Award people for all the help they did to you. This would keep them enthusiastic all over the party. Appreciation is what drags people. Appreciate them for their every action towards your benefit.
  3. Shaadi shots: Set up a wedding special shot stall just at the exit gate. And ensure that each guest of yours has to take a drink before they leave. This would make them remember your Sangeet ceremony forever.
  4. Song selection: Select the best songs for dancing. This would keep the people enthusiastic for dancing in the party.
  5. Narrations: What can be better than narrations by the elder members of the family for recalling the graceful history of your family, right!
  6. Party theme: Arrange a theme party. It increases enthusiasm naturally. Moreover, theme parties are not very common. Theme party would make your party unique and memorable.

So, these are some of the ideas which would help you and your guests remember you Sangeet ceremony. Nevertheless, there is always home for innovation. If you are worried about your dancing, contact the wedding Sangeet dance lessons in Virginia. They have solutions to all your problems as they give excellent wedding Sangeet dance lessons.

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