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7 Tips To Choose The Perfect Choreographer For Your First Dance Lessons

  1. Always start with a Wedding Dance Consultation 

You may think you know what you want for your First Dance Choreography, but at the consultation you’ll be surprised at the list of options you can have. An instructor who can help you discuss the look and feel, try out a few different moves to the chosen song/s, guide you as per your strengths and comfort zone, will be able to bring out the best in you. This will also help you experience their teaching style, versatility, knowledge and personality. You need someone who is patient, fun and doesn’t get too technical.

  1. Responsive, Interested and Reliable approach

If it’s already too difficult to communicate and find availability with the instructor, then you need to look elsewhere. Most good instructor’s will have a busy schedule but they will still be very responsive and make an effort to find availability for you. Good instructors will not only respect their time but will be accommodating to your schedule considering you already have a lot going on with the wedding preparations.

  1. Private Lesson in a Private Studio Space

Instructors who specialize in Wedding Dances understand the importance of practicing your routine to the music and will provide you with private space, where you can focus and play your song throughout the lesson. Unfortunately, some of the busiest studios charge big bucks but provide only a shared floor space with up to eight other couples and instructors trying to play their music in those 45-min. This definitely compromises your ability to focus, learn and you barely get any music time. Request for private space, please!

  1. Practice Videos

Not all instructors will give you videos at the end of each lesson, but those who would like to help you practice and see good results will make it a point to give you videos after every lesson.

  1. Resourceful with music editing

Your song will need to be edited to a maximum of about 2:30 to 3:30 minutes. Anything more than that gets too boring for you guests and needless to say, it would take a lot more lessons to put it all together. It is always advisable to get your music edited by the choreographer, even if it involves an additional charge. You don’t want to waste time going back and forth with your DJ for sure.

  1. Knows the importance of Dress Rehearsal 

No matter what package you choose, your final lesson has to be a dress rehearsal in something that simulates your wedding day outfits, the shoes that you will use on the big day, hairstyle and accessories. Brand new shoes and a slippery floor is never a happy surprise. You must do a dress rehearsal in the week, this will boost your confidence to another level.

  1. Advice on Parent Dances and Wedding Party Entry

Lastly do take suggestions for Parent Dances and the Wedding Party Entry. These can be choreographed in just 1 or 2 lessons and it is totally worth it. You can check if your instructor has any good ideas for the same.

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