7 Warm Up Exercises for Ballroom Dance Couples

7 Warm Up Exercises for Ballroom Dance Couples

Just like any other activity, ballroom dancing also requires warm up exercises so that your body is perfectly ready for ballroom dance lessons and practice. Here are a few warm up exercises that you and your partner can do as recommended by experts from a Dance Studio in Chantilly VA: –

  1. Lunges

Stand in a position where one leg is straight up in front of you and the other behind. Then slowly bend the back leg into a lunge and then slowly come back to the original position.

  1. Partner calf stretch

Stand face to face with your partner and get one leg back in a lunge. Try to get the heel of the back leg on the floor so that the calf stretches. Just make sure to keep the knees in line with the toes at the front.

  1. Partner quad stretch

This is the perfect warm up for couples and is done is various dance studios in Chantilly, Virginia. Take support of your partner and grab the opposite leg in your hand into a quad. Here the main aim is to maintain the balance while stretching the top leg. If you want more stretch then pull your leg higher.

  1. Partner shoulder stretch

Stand face to face with your partner and put both your hands on their shoulder and by taking their support walk your hips away. When you are at a right angle, keep your back straight and head within the line of your spine.

  1. Partner chest opener

Stand backward facing in front of your partner and hold both their hands. Now step one leg out into a lunge position while your hands are still connected. In this exercise, your hands will pull behind naturally giving you a shoulder stretch. You can lunge more for a bigger stretch.

  1. Partner backbend

Stand facing your partner and hold both their hands. Slowly bend backwards with your upper body by taking support from your partner. Make sure that you come in and out of this position slowly.

  1. Side body stretch

Stand face to face with your partner and hold their hand. Now slowly open your body to the side into a lunge with the legs and arms extending upwards. Once you get comfortable with the bend then slowly straighten out your inner leg for a perfect stretch. Slowly unwind yourself from this position. This warm up is the best as it stretches out your oblique and shoulders.

Wedding dance lessons in Virginia involve a lot if warm up exercises for the couples as well as the singles to ensure better flexibility. The warm ups listed above can be done in pairs as well as by a single individual. You can also reach out to a renowned Dance Studio in Chantilly VA for amazing wedding dance lessons in Virginia.

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