8 Things To Know Before You Start Your Wedding Dance Lesson

The big fat Indian wedding has earned fame and repute across the world for their colorfulness and excesses which are a regular feature of all the weddings in the country and with expatriates across the world. Unlike western weddings, Indian weddings are spread across multiple days and organizing them is no task for the meek hearted. Apart from the food, the colorful attires, the lavish decorations, Dance forms an integral part of any Indian celebration and Marriages are no exception. Thanks to a slew of Bollywood films of the 90’s the ‘Sangeet’, which literally means Music in Hindi, has become an inseparable part of an Indian wedding, with a day being dedicated to Music and dance and involves extensive preparations by friends, and families of the bride and the groom, who even take private wedding dance lessons from professional instructors. If you have been looking at dance classes in Chantilly VA for your desi wedding, we have come up with a guide on 5 things to know before you start your lessons:

  1. Dance like noones watching! Actually a lot of people would be watching but keep in mind that you are going to prepare for a performance in a wedding function and not on a stage per say! Lose your inhibitions and get those feet tapping! It doesn’t matter if you are a bad dancer or haven’t danced at all in life! Weddings are fun and nothing should keep you away from all the fun and frolic that surrounds them.

  2. Music: Music and dance are indivisible hence its important to pick the right kind of music for wedding dance. Pick something that is bound to be liked by everyone. Keep thoat R-rated stuff saved for some other occasion!

  3. Dance styles: When it comes to wedding dances, you can get a little creative and break the traditional mould of Bollywood. Why not a funky waltz to some remixed hindi track? Or maybe salsa on a fast paced song?! The possibilities are endless.

  4. Dance instructor: Of course it’s a no brainer to pick your dance instructor carefully for a wedding. Look at local dance studios in Chantilly VA, or any other place you might be in, and check with them if they have any prior experience on choreographing for weddings.

  5. Attire: Last but not the least, practicing and rehearsing in normal gear is a whole different ball game than performing in those heavy lehengas and sarees. Make sure you don’t get overly ambitious with your dance and that you will be able to perform, in whatever you are planning to wear. This can save you a lot of blushes.

We have told you briefly about 5 things to keep in mind before you start those lessons for that Wedding. We at Saanwee would love to hear from you in case you have any further

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