How To Plan the Perfect Wedding Sangeet Dance Ceremony?

The Indian ‘Sangeet’ ceremony is one of the most important traditional rituals of any North Indian marriage. However, you can’t expect to plan and prepare for such an event with a few wedding dance lessons. Virginia has very few professional choreographers who can help you plan the perfect Sangeet ceremony, or other traditional Indian performances.

Luckily, one of India’s top professional choreographers, Priti Gupta-Udeshi has established her studio in Chantilly, VA. As one of the leading professional choreographers of the massive Indian entertainment industry, she has an impressive portfolio. Her wedding Sangeet dance choreography includes private sessions for celebrities and megastars.

Saanwee is among the latest professional studios in Virginia, and gaining fame within local professional performance arts groups. However, Sanwee offers more than just wedding dance lessons in Chantilly. It is the only studios in Virginia which does traditional choreography for Indian themes like the wedding Sangeet dance. With more Indians settling into Virginia, Indian weddings are also getting more frequent. Saanwee intends to help these Non-Residential Indian families organize their cultural events in the most traditional way.

While there are several studios for quick wedding dance lessons in Virginia, a Sangeet is not just about individual dances. The two families have to bond over the rituals. Also, the songs and performances have to be a blend between traditional themes, and entertaining dance numbers.

Another very important feature of planning a wedding Sangeet dance is not to forget that it is a fun occasion. You can have country songs and popular dance numbers on the playlist. However, have you thought of how difficult it is to dance on a country tune in a saree, lehenga, or sherwani? That is why you need the best wedding dance lessons in Chantilly.

As a professional choreographer who has regularly trained performance groups dressed in Indian traditional clothes, Priti Gupta-Udeshi knows a few trade secrets. If you train under her guidance at Saanwee, you can carry off a multi-cultural wedding Sangeet dance without a hitch! However, most other wedding dance lessons near Chantilly would only be teach you traditional ball room dancing and perhaps a bit of improvised floor performance.

However, you should also know about the training regime before you sign up for any wedding dance lessons. Virginia doesn’t have too many dance studios that can teach traditional Indian systems, so Saanwee is extremely busy during the wedding season. If you wedding Sangeet dance ceremony is really important to you book your schedule early. There are only so many groups Priti Gupta-Udeshi can work with within a short few months each wedding season!

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