Professional Bharatnatyam Dancer

Essential Qualities to Have in a Professional Bharatnatyam Dancer

Bharatnatyam is a traditional and unique form of dance, which includes face gestures, body movements, along vibrant costumes. The movements of Bharatnatyam dance can be categorized into two forms, which are expressive, and the other is abstract.

The main essential qualities to have in a Professional Bharatnatyam Dancer are as follows:

  1. Sthirathwan-Stability: This one of the essential qualities of a Bharatnatyam dancer to maintain steadiness while dancing and to enable upholds the stances. The steadiness should be maintained even if you are dancing slow or fast. Thus making Sthirathwan an important quality.
  2. Javaha- Swiftness: Javaha is an essential quality of a Bharatnatyam dancer, which enables them to quickly get into another posture and maintaining balance. Online Bharatnatyam classes help in offering lessons to help maintain the body balance and rapidly changing to another style.
  3. Drishtir- Eye movements: This is an essential quality as in the dance it’s said that hands and eyes should be well-coordinated in order to get perfection and sharpness. If this quality is achieved, it’s implied that the mind gets into the dance completely and every step comes out unique and its natural form.
  4. Bhramari: Moving in circles with balance: Bhramari involves the maintenance of balance while moving in dancing circles. This looks beautiful if done with perfection and style.
  5. Geetam : To sing and get empathetic to music: The learning of online Bharatnatyam helps in enabling the quality of geetam which lets the dancer connect with the music and the ability to sing the song along with dancing. This helps in having a complete grip on oneself as to when to start and finish the dance.
  6. Shradha: Dedication and loyalty: The quality of stand out oneself is shraddha, which helps in getting completely dedicated and devoted in the forms.
  7. Shramaha: Strength, patience, and persistence: Shramaha should be imbibed to get into complete perfection in all the dance movements.
  8. Vacho: Clear, precise, and suitable speech: The online Bharatnatyam classes offer to enable the quality of Vacho, which leads the dancer to have a clear and precise speech.
  9. Medha: Cleverness and intellectual: The Bharatnatyam dancer should be clever, sharp, and intelligent.
  10. Rekhacha: elegant movements: The Bharatnatyam dance involves having the essential quality of the Rekhacha, which means to have a complete balance of the body and its movements.


Online Bharatnatyam classes like Saanwee helps in giving detailed lessons and entitling the above essential qualities for becoming a trained and professional Bharatnatyam dancer.

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