Some Important tips to perform in Dance Audition

Some Important tips to perform in Dance Audition

Whether it’s a paid gig or an audition, everyone wants to pull it out of the bag and really shine when the moment comes. Auditions are very important part of a dancer’s life. Audition Directors always look for ability to follow direction, technical skills, good ballet form and positive attitude. It’s vital to understand that, in auditions, it’s not the best dancer who gets the role, but the one who is fit for the artistic criteria gets the role. Approach your audition with confidence. Popular Indian dance classes in Chantilly VA teach unique abilities and how to be to yourself while dancing-your best skills will naturally shine through! Popular Dance studio in Chantilly VA are well equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure and dancing experts to groom you in dancing skills.

Audition can be fun experiences. Remember everyone is in the same boat. Part of the audition process for many universities is to perform 1:30/2:00 minute solo performance. This is a wonderful opportunity for candidates to showcase how they like to move and to leave a lasting impression on the admission committee. If dancers are trained in non-western forms, the solo is a wonderful occasion to demonstrate those strengths and their versatility.

Audition season ensures you to have the best experience possible, here are some important tips and tricks for the dance auditions:

  1. Always bring a change of outfit: Change your outfit before your Audition. You never know what the vibe is going to be exactly, so it is best to be prepared.
  2. Invest in strong headshots and dance reels: Sometimes dancers can book a job straight from their reel, so it is important to have one that’s brief, but showcases who you are.
  3. Bringing Snacks: You never know how long will the audition day be. By getting snacks from home will help you to eat when you are hungry and keep you energetic.
  4. Don’t be afraid to make an eye contact with the panel: Walk into the room smiling, lift your head up and look everyone in the eye. Even when dancing, perform for them, make eye contact and lock in their focus. By doing this, they will not stop looking at you.
  5. Be Nice: There are many factors you can’t control in the audition, but being nice is never out of your control. Making a positive first impression is always a plus and it makes you feel good too!
  6. Stay present, listen and pay attention.
  7. Approach the audition as if you are taking class, as if you are in a rehearsal or as if you had already booked the job.

The majority of the solo dancers perform a ballet, contemporary or jazz. Tips to perform in Dance Audition:

  • Several large Jumps
  • Movement that shows dancers strength and range of motion
  • Inversion/Floor work (if appropriate for the style of dance)
  • Contrasting movement qualities
  • Moments of suspension and control
  • Any unique qualities that is particular to that dancer
  • Be Flexible

The famous Indian dance classes in Chantilly VA have experts who groom you for dance audition. Now that you know about these tips, you are ready to rock the floor! Don’t let anything stop you from reaching those goals. Make sure to allow yourself ample time to get there but don’t be surprised if auditions are running late.

Want to perform at your best for your next gig or Audition? Saanwee Dance Studio is packed full of tips on how to overcome those nerves and shine. “So many performers who suffer from nerves will start to think about that gig and create mental scenarios where all the worst things happen. They start on “what if I trip?”, “what if I forget my lyrics or Dance moves?” All of these go into a negative mental trance. To find out how to change all this, and get confidence to perform well in dance audition, You can visit Saanwee Dance studio in Chantilly VA.

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