Tips and Guidelines for the Wedding Sangeet Dance

When it comes to an Indian wedding, it brings so much joy and fun not only in the bride and groom’s life but also for their families. All the wedding functions can take 3 to 5 days in an Indian wedding. The most exciting part of it is the Sangeet Ceremony. It includes music, dance and so much fun. Some prepare group dance performances, some prepare solos and some of them call wedding sangeet choreographer for preparation to get the perfection.

If you are also planning for Indian wedding sangeet in VA then here are some tips for you which will add a charm to your wedding dance performances.

Make a list

Though it is very exciting to perform in a sangeet ceremony some people are very shy to do to that. You may count them for the performance but what if they deny at the last moment. It’s better to ask them days before the ceremony and confirm their participation. Prepare a list of performers and plan the dances accordingly.

Ask a wedding sangeet choreographer

If you want to make your Sangeet ceremony a perfect one then you can take private wedding dance lessons. Institutes like Saanwee provides the best wedding dance lessons in Chantilly. You get your wedding dance lessons by a professional choreographer.

Make a plan

Planning is very important if you want to make the Sangeet ceremony a memorable event. You will need to work on the whole process. Decide who will start the ceremony and the sequence. This will help you to avoid the last-minute confusions. Also, be ready with the props if you are using any for your performances.

What about the stage

Don’t forget to take the stage into consideration. Your performance should be according to it. Before planning a group dance you need to check whether all the performers will be able to adjust in the given stage area. A group of 10 people can not dance on a small stage. You will need an appropriate space to perform well.

Tech-Check is important

Ask your event manager to check all the equipment like the music player and speaker to avoid technical malfunction. List out all the songs on which people will be performing that day. Make a folder and add all the songs in it so that everything will be in one place.

Special Performance

If the bride and groom will be performing, make their performance more special with colourful lighting effects. They can also take private dance lessons, especially for their performance. You can also plan a special entry for them when they arrive at the ceremony.

If you plan according to the above guideline then you are going to rock the event. A well-managed ceremony is always special. You and your guests will remember this special evening for decades.

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