What You Should Wear For Dance Class?

What You Should Wear For Dance Class?

We have lots of dance forms around the world and they all have their own costume to complement the movements of the artist as well as to give us info about the culture and tradition of those very places where those dances were originated. Dance is all about your movement in such a way that captivates spectators and for a smooth and flexible movement, you need to wear proper clothes.


Attire: Any tight fitting clothes which will give clear visual of your postures and positioning. You can go for the good quality yoga clothes having breathable fabric. For the advanced level, a unitard or leotard can best complement your style and techniques.

Shoes: you can opt for any kind of soft Ballet shoes with socks having good level of grip.


Attire: anything tight fitting is great as you can get well aware of your position and postures. Leggings or yoga clothes are good enough that will let you move freely.

Shoes: bare feet or jazz shoes


Attire: Loose fitting clothes are great to be in. Leggings and layers are good for moving freely and keeping your body warm.

Shoes: bare feet or foot gloves or contemporary half shoes.


Attire: fitness or leisure wears like skirts, jeans etc. as you get most of your movements from down the knee. In advanced level, go for the one in which you can move freely as you are going to have more full body movements along with your arms and turns.

Shoes: tap shoes which can be of any make or style. So, go for the one you feel more comfortable in. The best quality ones usually are heavier which you should keep in mind if you are novice in tap.

If you are thinking of going to any dance studio Chantilly VA, you should once consult the trainer about their choices.


In India, there are different traditional dance forms belong to different regions namely Odishi, Kathakali, Mohiniattam, Bharatanatyam and many more.

Attire: Mostly you should go for the traditional wear called Sari and other ornaments.

Shoes: bare feet or foot gloves in case you are new and not able to get the proper grip.

If you are looking for Indian dance classes in Chantilly VA or private dance lessons in Chantilly VA, but you have no idea what cloth to wear, then we have mentioned clothes respective to their dance forms which will help you not to get confused.

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