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We are now offering Group Classes & Private Lessons in 3 formats:

In-person Lessons I Virtual Live Lessons | Video Tutorials (to your chosen song/s) |

Fee Structure and schedule may vary based on the format you choose. Please contact us for details on 617-245-2195.



Carnatic music is the music from southern India that evoloved from ancient Hindu traditions. Three basic concepts that are essential include knowledge Raga, Tala and Bhava. Carnatic music owes its name to the Sanskrit term Karnātaka Sangītam which denotes “traditional” or “codified” music. 

At 'Saanwee' we offer in-person Carnatic Vocals classes for kids under the guidance of Guru Siva Prasad NN and Priti Gupta-Udeshi starting at 5yrs of age.  


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Frequently asked questions

Will the lessons be online or in-person?

Our group classes will be in-person at our Chantilly location. 1:1 Private Lessons are offered online and in-person, based on your preference.

Where do I begin? Can I get a Trial Lesson?

  1. For Group Classes : sign up for our Trial Class priced at $10.
  2. For 1:1 Private Lessons : book our 30-min Introductory Private Lesson priced at $25.

Following this, you may purchase a package that suits your needs.

At what age, can my child or I start learning with you?

Our Carnatic Vocal classes are designed to suit age 5-12years. You may join :

While the group classes are designed for 5-7yo, our 1:1 Private Lessons are designed for 5+ age group.