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Our Bollywood Fitness Class caters to both beginners and intermediate fitness enthusiasts. The routines are thoughtfully crafted to suit various fitness levels, ensuring everyone feels comfortable and engaged.


Start Date: 4th June, 2024
Tuesdays 7:30-8:15pm

Whether you're an individual looking to spice up your fitness routine or a couple searching for a fun activity together, this class is designed for you. No prior dance experience is required - just bring your enthusiasm and a desire to move! 

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Introducing Beenish Durrani, a spirited individual whose early love for Bollywood movies and spontaneous wedding dance performances paved her path. By day, she dedicates herself to running a preschool, nurturing young minds with unwavering dedication. But come evening, her passion for Bollywood's lively beats takes over. A year into teaching Zumba, Beenish found her true calling in BollyX, a dance fitness regime that combines her love for Bollywood music with a rigorous workout. Dance fitness is more than just a hobby for Beenish—it’s a passion that energizes her and is evident in her joyful expressions and movements. Having lost 50 lbs on this journey, her primary aim is to inspire and energize others, making every session a vibrant celebration of life. Join Beenish Durrani for a workout that’s not just invigorating but a whole lot of fun. Let’s dance!




Unwind and stretch with our Kid's Yoga Class, a tranquil oasis designed to cultivate mindfulness and relaxation in young minds. Led by our experienced instructors, this class offers a gentle introduction to yoga, fostering physical well-being and inner calm.


Start Date: 17th June, 2024

Mon to Fri 10:00-10:45am


Through a series of fun and engaging exercises, children will explore the fundamentals of yoga while developing balance, strength, and flexibility. Join us on a journey of self-discovery and wellness, where each breath becomes an opportunity for growth and exploration.

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  • Tuesdays 7:30-8:15pm

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  • Mon to Fri 10:00-10:45am

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Why Fitness?

Embark on a journey to fitness and vitality with our dynamic program seamlessly blends Bollywood-inspired dance routines with high-intensity cardio workouts and yoga for kids, offering a fun and effective way to stay fit!
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