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Parent Child Dance

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Parent Child Dance for

Mother's Day Recital


Create memories of a lifetime as you dance with your child.  Join a private class for your child and you and prepare an exclusive performance for the Mother's Day Recital! Contact us today to start preparing. The Process is very simple:

1. Select song/s
2. Plan costumes
3. Create music edit as needed
4. Plan lesson schedule
5. Start training :)

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Book a class!

We will be having customized Private Lessons for the Parent & Child Dance 

Lesson fee-
For 30-min Lessons : (for Mother + 1 child)
$55 for 1 lesson
$52/lesson for 5pack
$50/lesson for 10pack
$48/lesson for 20pack

For 45-min Lessons :
$75 for 1 lesson
$72/lesson for 5pack
$70/lesson for 10pack
$68/lesson for 20pack

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In case you would like to prepare a dance with 2 or more kids, fee structure may vary. Contact us for pricing. To book, fill out this form
Based on the package you choose, we'll share a payment link with you.