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Kids Blowing Bubbles

Host your Child's Birthday @Saanwee

Art Exhibit

The Space Between Us

Explore artwork that captures the subtle connections and meaningful gaps that define the human experience.

Want to capture your favorite memories?

Our inhouse photographer will drop by your event to capture photographs and  videos so that you have something to remember your child's birthday by :)

  • Will the lessons be online or in-person?
    For couples and individuals, we are offering in-person lessons at our studio. Live Virtual Lesson options are available too. You may also opt for Video Tutorials, if that suits your requirement better.
  • How do we get started? Can we get a Trial Lesson?
    Start with our 30-min Wedding Dance Consultation & Introductory Private Lesson priced at $25. Here we will - Discuss the look and feel of the expected choreography in detail. Help you in song/s selection, if you haven’t already finalized it. Teach you a few different dance moves to understand which dance style/s best suit your comfort and the rhythm of your chosen song. Give you an opportunity to experience our teaching style and for us to gauge your pace of learning. This will help you pick the perfect package and decide on the timeline. Discuss your requirements for Parent dances: Mother-Son; Father-Daughter Discuss your ‘Entrance Choreography’, Wedding Party Showcase and Social Dancing for the After Party, if required. Provide guidelines on the right shoes. Guidelines on Music Editing, Medley Mixing and Voice Over Requirements, if any. and we'll hold your hand all the way through.
  • Why should you choose us over any other dance studio?
    -You'll be learning with Priti Gupta-Udeshi, former Pro on "Dancing with Stars" India version. with over 15years of teaching experience. -One couple at a time policy - allows you to use the entire space and play your music through the lesson as opposed to most other studios where your lesson time is shared by multiple couples. -At the end of each lesson, we give you a lesson video to help you practice. Though this seems obvious, most studios do not allow you to take lesson videos. -Customized lesson plan with a very competitive fee structure, making sure the final routine looks exactly like what you have imagined, without surpassing your budget. -Easy scheduling with availability on weeknights and weekends in Chantilly, VA or online. -Complete guidance on wedding dance shoes, which mostly gets ignored otherwise. -A Dress Rehearsal opportunity (in an outfit that simulates your wedding attire). - Vendor connections - Photographers for pre-wedding photoshoots, music editing.
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