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Our curriculum combines traditional content with cutting-edge technology.  The result is an experience like no other.  Learning the piano feels like a fun and challenging game.


Our Group Classes are designed for Beginners

Little Pianists for 5-9 years old

Students progress from Green through Gold spread out  in 6 Levels.

Have a some prior experience? Continue your journey with our 1:1 Lessons based on the RCM Royal Conservatory of Music syllabus and prepare for exams and certifications under the expert guidance of our teachers.

For more information about the curriculum, practising at home, buying a piano and benefits of learning music, please checkout this detailed PDF created in collaboration with Piano Express here 

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Why Music?

Did you know that your child’s brain goes through critical periods of development between the ages of  2-7?

These early stages of development are when children are laying down the foundation for the ways in which they will experience and interact with the world.  This is when exposure to the rich world of music, particularly art music, can leave a lasting impression on a student.


 Art of music is multi-colored and crafted with highly organized structures that can open a child’s mind to the endless possibilities of what sound can do. 

Teacher Playing Piano

Meet Mr. Phil


Philip Nichols has been making music for over 20 years and has been
teaching for over a decade. He has performed a series of s
olo recitals, concertos, played at the governor’s mansion, and taught/performed overseas.


Most importantly, he has taught hundreds of
piano lessons to beginners, kids, adults, and college music majors.
Mr. Phil holds a Masters Degree in Piano Performance and Literature
from FSU and has studied with David Kalhous, James Miltenberger, Jordi
Camell, and others.  He can play anything from Bach to Schoenberg and
is happy to be teaching now at Saanwee.

A Word From Mr.Phil

My grandpa always asks me, “what are the three things that will give you a good life?” His answer is always the same, “health, relationships and purpose.” This is exactly why I decided to start teaching piano lessons.  My level of understanding about classical music simply cannot be reserved to a small number of concert goers.  I believe that teaching in the Reston Herndon area will allow me to spread my knowledge throughout the entire universe. While building a community, sharing my gifts will also bring my life and immense feeling of purpose.