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Zumba Class

Bollywood Fitness Class

Bollywood Fitness Class

in South Riding

Dance to the beats of popular Bollywood music and let the rhythm fuel your workout! Our Bollywood Fitness Class is the perfect blend of high-energy dance moves and the graceful flow of yoga and stretches.Led by our experienced instructors, you'll experience the joy of dancing to the tunes you love, followed by a cool-down session that focuses on flexibility and relaxation.

Smiling Dancer

Our Bollywood Fitness Class caters to both beginners and intermediate fitness enthusiasts. The routines are thoughtfully crafted to suit various fitness levels, ensuring everyone feels comfortable and engaged.


Start Date: 11th January, 2024
Thursdays 8:00-8:45pm

Whether you're an individual looking to spice up your fitness routine or a couple searching for a fun activity together, this class is designed for you. No prior dance experience is required - just bring your enthusiasm and a desire to move! 

Fee Structure
Trail Class : $10/person

5weeks Pack : $110
10 weeks Pack : $200

If you have any questions contact us at or call 703-201-2683


Breathe. Sweat. Flow. 

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