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Reel-in Like Pro


Reel-in Like Pro


"Dance to the Trends: An Insta Reel Experience"

Ever wondered if you could create a fun dance TikTok or an Insta Reel?
We are here to make possible just for you!

Step into the spotlight and ‘Reel-in like a Pro’. Our dance experts will break down the steps of the hottest dance trends from Instagram Reels, teach them to you in a fun and interactive environment, and help you shoot your very own viral-ready dance reel. Learn, dance, and share – become a part of the reel revolution. No prior dance experience needed - just bring your love for dance and leave with your own professionally edited reel!



Select a reel from our Trending Reel Bank (link)
Book a Saanwee Reel-in Session - Schedule Availability


$69 for a 1-hour session (same day shoot)

$99 for x2 30-min sessions (shoot on day 2)

$25 Costume Rental (optional)

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Frame Your Moments

Dive into personalized, theme-based photoshoots and let your unique story unfold. It's time to frame your moments!

Snap and Shine

Choose from diverse themes, pose, and let your personality shine through stunning images. With us, snap and shine!

Live Photoshoot
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